Family Law
5 Benefits of Divorce
While divorce is absolutely no time for celebration, there are benefits of divorce in getting closure. Ending a marriage is not something that anyone takes lightly and is an emotional process. Getting the best lawyer is also crucial for your divorce proceedings and this top divorce attorney in Knoxville TN are a great example of this...
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Same-Sex Families
Update on Declaration of Parentage in Same-Sex Families – A first step The changes in our world brought about by COVID19 have meant that the vast majority of us have had time to take stock and to evaluate what is most important to us in our lives. Family and home life have always been cherished...
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Child access during covid-19
At the best of times, it is an extremely stressful time for couples who are going through a relationship breakdown with child access agreements. Throw a global pandemic and nationwide lockdown into the mix, and that stress increases a hundredfold. Parents must be offered some guidance during this exceptionally worrying and trying time for child access...
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