Our Fees

At Cahir & Co. we are happy to discuss our fees and charges with our clients. We are fully regulated by the Law Society of Ireland and ensure that our clients are furnished with a contract of engagement and a fee quotation as soon as practical in relation to any matter in which we take instructions.

We feel it is important in building relationships with our clients, that they are at all times appraised of the work that we are doing on their behalf, the goals and expectations that they have from the instructions that they are furnishing to us. The costs that will be associated with those instructions and the likelihood of them recovering those costs from a third party. The Law Society have published a useful leaflet titled information in relation to legal charges which we supply to our clients.

We are always happy to discuss any concerns that our clients or perspective clients may have in relation to fees and their ability to pay fees and we believe that open communication strengthens the Solicitor client relationship.

Please refer to the Law Society of Ireland’s Publication: Information in Relation to Legal Charges

Solicitors charges are based on the following:

  1. The complexity of the matter
  2. Urgency of the matter
  3. The difficulty of the questions raised
  4. The skill, labour, specialised knowledge and responsibility involved
  5. The number and importance of documents prepared and examined
  6. The amount or value of any transaction involved
  7. The importance of the matter to you
  8. The time reasonably spent by personnel in Solicitors firm on the matter
  9. The place and places and the circumstances in which the matter is pursued