Notary Services

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A Notary Public is a person appointed by the Chief Justice to certify documents and to witness documents in Ireland for use abroad. The certificate from a Notary in Ireland is used to guarantee that the documents presented to foreign bodies are authentic.

William Cahir was appointed a Notary Public by the Chief Justice of Ireland on the 18th day of November 2008.

We provide Notary Services for individuals and businesses dealing with legal affairs in foreign jurisdictions, and we are in a position to advise in relation to the protocols of all Countries.


The following are various types of documents that can need to be notarised:

Travel Documents;

Oftentimes, a notary public will be required to notarise documents signed by someone travelling abroad, or bringing children abroad with the permission of another parent.


Company Documentation;

Authorities in other countries may require a notary’s confirmation that the director of a company has the power to do a certain thing, such as bind the company. This will require the Notary to carry out searches in the Companies Office and issue the relevant Certificates.

Foreign Adoptions;

If you were looking into adopting a child from another country, the adoption authority from that country will require certain documents from you, these copies must be notarised by a notary public.

The Apostille;

The Apostille is a certificate stamped on the back of a document of a document by the Department of Foreign Affairs where the document has already been notarised by a notary. The department are certifying that the document has been notarised correctly by a legitimate notary public.

If you are in need of the services of a Notary Public, don’t hesitate to contact us, we can schedule an appointment for you to come in.