Elder and Senior Law

As the population of Ireland increases, so does the relevance of elder and senior law. In Ireland today people aged over 65 make up 12% of the population, by 2041 it is predicted that that will rise to 22%.

As a person gets older their legal needs change. There are particular areas of law that are more relevant for seniors and older people. As you or your loved one near the “Third Act” of life, there are considerations you must take into account. This stage needs more pre-planning to ensure plans are in place for care in your older years as well as for succession.


The areas of law most reviewed by seniors, their carers and their families are:


We have longstanding and decades of experience in dealing with issues that affect seniors, if you have a question regarding any of the issues mentioned above, or any other elder law matter, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Senior Law – 3 Ways it Applies to Me