May 2019
Residential Letting Laws
If there is one market which gets back soon than its crash, then that’s Real Estate. Whether one is looking at a Villas for sale in Hua Hin Thailand to plan their retirement or is planning to sell their house, it has been established that the internet plays a vital role. If you are renting a...
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E signature Laws in Ireland
E signature technology advancements removes location barriers and speeds up the delivery of business transactions. According to CSO figures in 2017, over half of large enterprises conduct their sales electronically. E Signatures enables companies of all sizes to streamline the contract signing process. Businesses that have moved to e signatures have discovered it is more...
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5 Trademark Options for your Business
Why should I Trademark? As a business owner, you invest in IT Security, insurance and alarm systems to protect the physical aspects so it would be reckless not to protect your identity and future business. In Ireland, we advise that you trademark any branding associated with your business to prevent any other company benefiting from...
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Buying and Selling a Property - How can we help
Buying or selling a property can sometimes be a stressful experience. It will also be one of the most important transactions of your life and the most important financial decision you will have to make. Many people try to omit all this hustle and bustle. Check out, as it might be a good option for you...
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Workplace Accidents
Workplace Accidents are more common in certain industries but accidents happen in all types of situations. It’s important you know what to do if you are injured in a workplace accident. The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Acts 2005 and 2010 set out the rights and obligations of both employers and employees and provides for substantial...
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