‘Warring family’ in court over alleged forgery of will

A FORMER businessman’s “warring family” were exposed as he gave evidence against his brother and lifelong friend alleging that the three of them forged a bachelor’s will.

Charlie O’Leary spent two-and-a-half days in the witness box at Wexford Circuit Court while his brother, William O’Leary, and once close friend, Noel Hayes, looked on.

Noel Hayes, 59, of Ramsgrange, New Ross and William O’Leary, 49, of Kilhile, Arthurstown, New Ross, both deny forging the will of Matthew Hayes, 82, on a date unknown between December 25, 1998, and January 8, 1999.

Mr Hayes, from Duncannon, Co Wexford, died on Christmas Day 1998. In what was believed to have been his final will and testament, he left 162 acres of land and money in various accounts to Noel Hayes, his distant relation.

Charlie O’Leary and his brother William were executors of the will, which was purportedly signed in August 1998. It is alleged that all three were involved in forging the will, with Noel Hayes forging the signature of his relative when he was, in fact, dead a week.

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