‘Blue flu’ threat on horizon as gardai warn ‘no more cuts’

THE threat of a new bout of ‘blue flu’ is looming as talks on garda pay cuts reach breaking point.

The garda unions are facing increasing demands from their members to consider the work-to-rule which could leave the State without police officers.

While the representative associations might not sanction such a move it could be taken by their membership.

Gardai, who say they feel pushed into a corner, have warned the Government that they will not tolerate another reduction in their wages.

Anger is mounting in the force, which has been asked to contribute more than €60m, or 6pc, of the €1bn in savings sought under a new Croke Park deal.

The body representing the country’s 13,424 rank-and-file gardai may decide to pull out of talks on the cutbacks as early as today. Garda Representative Association (GRA) members have said “very loudly and clearly” that pay cuts are “not an option”, nor are any reductions in their terms and conditions.

The GRA will spend most of its meeting today deciding if it can justify remaining in talks on a new Croke Park deal.

The Association of Garda Sergeants (AGSI) and Inspectors, representing 2,000 officers, pulled out of the talks more than a week ago.


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